Me_new_wordpressI hold a Ph.D. in medical biochemistry and a PGCHE from the University of Kent.  I have six years teaching experience at Univeristy level (University of Bristol and University of Kent) and four years as a tutor. Apart from research and tutoring, I also work as a medical writer specialising in current health issues.
My tutorials are tailored for each individual student, and goal-oriented with set learning objectives. I make learning a fun and interesting experience, and my past teaching experience allows me to help students understand complex subjects by breaking it down into bitesize pieces. 
I offer flexible tuition slots, which are available every afternoon and occasionally on weekends. I can also cater for intensive coaching in preparation for A-level exams.


I specialize in helping students achieve their best at exams. I have marked A-level papers for AQA and Edexcel exam boards,  and can offer advice on the best way to answer exam questions to maximise marks. I encourage students to undertake mock examinations, which are then assessed by me. Such feedback gives students the confidence to do well in their exams.

Please contact me if you have any additional questions.

We started seeing Zara just before A levels when she just couldn`t get the grades she needed in chemistry. Exams are ongoing so we don`t know the results ,but Zara has been amazing : my daughter found chemistry so hard , especially the maths , and interpreting the questions was a real problem, but Zara has given her really well -explained techniques to help her understand what to look for and how to understand what she is being asked : this was something we just hadn`t been able to help her with . Exams are ongoing but my daughter is so much happier now , and whatever the result will carry this knowledge forward to university . We are very grateful for the organised , knowledgeable and calm tutoring she has had.

August 16, 2017