Reading List

A list of official textbooks for AQA, OCR and Edexcel is listed on their individual pages:

AQA A-level books

OCR A-level books

Edexcel A-level books

We started seeing Zara just before A levels when she just couldn`t get the grades she needed in chemistry. Exams are ongoing so we don`t know the results ,but Zara has been amazing : my daughter found chemistry so hard , especially the maths , and interpreting the questions was a real problem, but Zara has given her really well -explained techniques to help her understand what to look for and how to understand what she is being asked : this was something we just hadn`t been able to help her with . Exams are ongoing but my daughter is so much happier now , and whatever the result will carry this knowledge forward to university . We are very grateful for the organised , knowledgeable and calm tutoring she has had.

August 16, 2017

Below is a list of non-fiction books suitable for reading at A-level. Great if you want to expand your horizons beyond the standard textbook.

Human anatomy

Body: An amazing tour of human anatomy-Robert wintson

The Concise Human Body Book: An Illustrated Guide to Its Structure, Function and Disorders – Dorling Kindersley

Biochemistry and Cell Biology








Bad Science – Ben Goldacre



The Elements: A Very Short Introduction – Philip Ball

Uncle Tungsten: Memories of a Chemical Boyhood – Oliver Sachs

Periodic Tales: The Curious Lives of the Elements – Hugh Aldersey

Molecules at an Exhibition: Portraits of Intriguing Materials in Everyday Life – John Emsley

The Periodic Table – Primo Levi

Biochemists’ Song Book – Harold Baum

Asimov’s New Guide to Science – Isaac Asismov

Why Chemical Reactions Happen – James Keeler