Some useful A-level revision sites:
A-level Chemistry Revision Sites
 ChemRevise Neal Goalby
Chemguide Jim Clark
Chemwiki UC Davis
 Creative Chemistry Nigel Saunders
MChem Groby Community College

We started seeing Zara just before A levels when she just couldn`t get the grades she needed in chemistry. Exams are ongoing so we don`t know the results ,but Zara has been amazing : my daughter found chemistry so hard , especially the maths , and interpreting the questions was a real problem, but Zara has given her really well -explained techniques to help her understand what to look for and how to understand what she is being asked : this was something we just hadn`t been able to help her with . Exams are ongoing but my daughter is so much happier now , and whatever the result will carry this knowledge forward to university . We are very grateful for the organised , knowledgeable and calm tutoring she has had.

August 16, 2017

A-level Biology Revision Sites 
Biology Mad Joanna Gilbert
Biology Guide Simon Bluhm
Online video tutorials


Biology beginners guide for students new to A-level Biology (Explanation and Self-Quiz)
(nice interactive animation at the end of the page, good for self-testing)
(very basic intro into cells, with a useful overview button on RHS)
(nice animated tutorial)
(good details about eukaryotic cells)




Some useful GCSE revision sites: