Rates for lessons are outlined below. Please note that I operate a strict cancellation policy, outlined in the T&Cs.

One-to-one tutoring at A-level

£30 per h – paid monthly in advance. More details on this page.


£35 for 1 h
£52 for 1.5 h
More details on this page.


Postgraduate and University students
£40 per h


UCAS statement help
£30 per hour if one-to-one session booked
£25 per hour if online via email


Practice papers

If you do not feel the need for additional tutoring, but would like help with practising exam papers, I offer practice sessions for  £35 per hour. I will mark these papers according to the style of the exam board and give you feedback and advice on improving your grades.


Proof-reading and Editing services
Prices will depend on length of dissertation/coursework and deadlines – please contact me for a quote.