One-to-one Pay monthly

One-to-one Pay monthly option

Lesson dates: 4 Sept 2017 – 2 June 2018

Cost per month (by standing order):  EARLY BIRD OFFER – £117* per month ( 1 hour/week, for 34 weeks – £31/h; Payment made by 15 Sept 2017)

REGULAR PRICE: £123^ per month, ( 1 hour/week, for 34 weeks – £32.50/h)


Payments due on: 28 Aug, 28 Sept, 28 Oct, 28 Nov, 28 Dec, 28 Jan, 28 Feb, 28 Mar, 28 April (9 months)

*Early bird: Calculated by dividing the number of payments with the total cost for the whole year (£1054). Works out to approximately £31 per hour, and 34 hours of lesson time. Only valid for students starting and paying by 15 September 2017.

^Regular price: £1105 for 34 weeks, works out to 9 monthly payments of £123


Holiday dates (both dates are inclusive) : 

18 Dec 17 – 13 Jan 18* (Christmas)

26 Mar 18 –  1 April 18 (Easter break – shorter than school break)

*I will be teaching the week of 18 Dec for students who want lessons – this lesson has to be paid for separately and is not included in the monthly payment scheme. I am away on holiday from 24 Dec 17 to 12 Jan 18.

Lessons on the monthly scheme end 2 June 18.

After 2 June, students can book lessons on an ad-hoc basis, around their exam timetable. I will be tutoring till 20 June 2018.

Terms: All payment is non-refundable. Please set up payment so it clears on the 28th of each (preceding) month. Lessons will take continue as normal over all half-term holidays. Full terms and conditions are here.


Can I change payment date or lesson start date? – In order to keep administrative work to a minimum, I ask that all payment be scheduled to clear on the 28 of each (preceding) month. If you start lessons in the middle of the month, you will be asked to pay my pay-per-lesson rate of £35, till the start of the next month, where it will then drop back to £30.

What happens if I quit lessons? – If you are on the pay monthly scheme and want to stop lessons before the month is up, I will not be able to refund you for the lessons. However, you do not need to continue paying for the rest of the year.

What happens if I want to stop after the first lesson? – In the rare event that you are not happy with my teaching style and do not wish to continue with lessons after our initial lesson you will receive a full refund of the first month’s payment, minus a £10 administrative fee and the cost of the first lesson. This only applies to the initial/first lesson, and you must let me know within 5 days of the first lesson.

Can I reserve a particular slot/time? – I allocate slots one a first-come basis, therefore please contact me only when you are ready to start lessons. Once I have reserved a slot for you, it will be available to you till the end of term (9 June 2017), unless you decide otherwise.