Pay per lesson



Lesson dates: 4 Sept 2017 – 3 June 2018 on a weekly basis. Students can book lessons on an ad-hoc basis between 4 June and 20 June 2018.

Cost per lesson:  £40 per hour, paid in cash on the day, at the start of the lesson. This rate does not apply to weekend lessons.

Number of teaching weeks: 34

Holiday dates: 

18 Dec 17 – 13 Jan 18* (Christmas)

26 Mar 18 –  1 April 18 (Easter break – shorter than school break)

*I will be teaching the week of 18 Dec for students who want lessons. I am away on holiday from 24 Dec to 12 Jan.

Lessons on the pay-as-you scheme will be pre-booked and reserved for you till 3 June 18.

After 3 June, students can book lessons on an ad-hoc basis, around their exam timetable. I will be tutoring till 20 June 2018.


Terms: All payment is non-refundable. Only two cancellations allowed per half-year (4 Sept 17-16 Dec 17; and 13 Jan 18- 3 June 18, excluding the holiday dates shown above and half-term), any other cancellations will be charged for at the full rate.  Full terms and conditions are here.


In what form should I make payment? – For pay-per-lesson, I ask that payment be made in cash at the start of each lesson. No lessons will be given on credit, and you will be charged for any lessons where I have had to cancel due to lack of payment.

What happens if I cancel more than 2 lessons per six months? – I can only reserve a particular time slot for you if you attend lessons regularly. If you miss more than 2 lessons per half-year (Sept-Dec; Jan-June), you will be charged the full rate of £35 for the missed lessons. No rescheduling is permitted. Half-term and Christmas holiday (2 weeks) and Easter holiday (2 weeks) do not count towards cancelled lessons.

Can I reserve a particular slot/time? – I allocate slots one a first-come basis, therefore please contact me only when you are ready to start lessons. Once I have reserved a slot for you, it will be available to you till the end of term (9 June 2017), unless you decide otherwise.