Subjects covered are outlined below:

A2-level (AQA, OCR A and B/Salters, Edexcel SNAB, WJEC)


AS-level (AQA, Edexcel, OCR A and B/Salters)



I can help you prepare for the entire set of A-level exams (AS/A2) in one year. This is for AQA (Chem/Biol) and OCR A (Chem/Biol) exam boards. Please enquire for rates.

University Level

Mathematical Calculations in Biochemistry/Physiology

GCSE (Edexcel, AQA, OCR)

Maths (Foundation and Higher) – summer only


Intensive tutoring

I offer intensive coaching and intensive exam preparation for all subjects listed above. I find that students do best when taught regularly as opposed to intensive teaching. I would only recommend intensive teaching in cases where it is absolutely necessary. Intensive tutoring is also available over the holidays or over the weekend for a small extra charge. Please contact me for further details.

Adult learners

I welcome adult learners at all levels. Please feel free to get in touch if you need help retaking your A-levels or need to reacquaint yourself with the current syllabus. You can find more information on this page.

Online tutoring

Online tutoring takes place via Scribblar whiteboard. I will upload topic-relevant question sets for each topic prior to the session. Registration for Scribblar is free. A tablet is useful for online sessions, but not a requirement. Good, reliable broadband connection is essential.

We started seeing Zara just before A levels when she just couldn`t get the grades she needed in chemistry. Exams are ongoing so we don`t know the results ,but Zara has been amazing : my daughter found chemistry so hard , especially the maths , and interpreting the questions was a real problem, but Zara has given her really well -explained techniques to help her understand what to look for and how to understand what she is being asked : this was something we just hadn`t been able to help her with . Exams are ongoing but my daughter is so much happier now , and whatever the result will carry this knowledge forward to university . We are very grateful for the organised , knowledgeable and calm tutoring she has had.

August 16, 2017