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by KB, Clifton College on Tutors-in-Bristol

We started seeing Zara just before A levels when she just couldn`t get the grades she needed in chemistry. Exams are ongoing so we don`t know the results ,but Zara has been amazing : my daughter found chemistry so hard , especially the maths , and interpreting the questions was a real problem, but Zara has given her really well -explained techniques to help her understand what to look for and how to understand what she is being asked : this was something we just hadn`t been able to help her with. Exams are ongoing but my daughter is so much happier now , and whatever the result will carry this knowledge forward to university . We are very grateful for the organised , knowledgeable and calm tutoring she has had.

by IM, North Bristol Post 16 on Tutors-in-Bristol

Sorry if this is going to sound excessively gushing, but Zara absolutely transformed my daughter's understanding and grasp of both Biology and Chemistry. In at most two sessions her Chemistry practical grade moved from a D to an A. She went from a suspicion and lack of understanding of her schoolwork to enthusiastic, and now I'm slightly in awe of my scientist daughter's expertise. Entirely based on what she achieved for us I cannot recommend Zara enough. (OCR Biology and Chemistry)

Zara was encouraging throughout all of our sessions and her notes were always thorough, which proved to be extremely helpful when reviewing content from both the A2 and AS specification. In Edexcel Biology, her help with my Biology coursework helped me boost my grade from a C at AS to a B at A2. Similarly, in OCR A Chemistry her help in reviewing AS content, whilst staying ahead of the A2 specification, helped me improve my grade from a D at AS to a B at A2. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

by ESH, Gordano on Tutors-in-Bristol

Zara was friendly and encouraging from my first session with her. She was so helpful in not only reinforcing my knowledge on the OCR A2 Biology course, but she also provided me with new information that I had not covered in my sixth form lessons which was necessary to complete the course. Her notes are thorough and she is happy to focus on aspects of the course that you struggle with. Her method of explanation is fantastic and she always provides examples to aid understanding along with diagrams which are great for visual learners. I am so glad that I had tutoring from Zara and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for tutoring.

by C. Court on Tutors-in-Bristol

Zara was extremely helpful to me whilst I was preparing for my Biology and Chemistry Foundation Science retakes. We only had a short amount of time to cover a lot of content and she managed to do that for me who hardly knew anything with Chemistry. She is very easy to get a long with and puts in a lot of effort to organize the lessons. We had one-on-one sessions which was great because she was able to give me the attention I need and was able too explain and teach me things in a way I'd understand.
I'd highly recommend Zara for anyone doing Chemistry or Biology, whether it is A-Level or a Foundation Degree level.

by Mike P on Tutors-in-Bristol

We were looking for a tutor to help our daughter with some topics of A2 Biology that she was finding tricky and did not fully understand.Zara was highly recommended by some friends whose daughter had been taught Biology by Zara.Zara's lessons were very well prepared and targeted to the particular exam Board. They also involved working through past paper questions and explaining the topics in an easy to understand way. The lessons were extremely worthwhile and gave our daughter a lot more confidence for the exams (June 16). We wish we had found Zara earlier!Zara comes highly recommended.

by ELT, sixth form student on Tutors-in-Bristol

Zara has really helped me with my chemistry A level (OCR Chemistry A). She is so friendly and understanding and she explains everything in a way that is easy to understand. Before I started the tutoring sessions, I was really struggling with exam technique and applying my knowledge to harder questions, but Zara provided me with loads of practice and help for answering them and I improved by 3 grades! Thanks to her, chemistry exams weren't impenetrable and difficult, but straightforward and (relatively) stress-free. I can't recommend her enough!

by Roshan, Independent student on Tutors-in-Bristol

I approached Zara for my A2 retakes, as I did not get the grades I needed the first time around. Thanks to her help, I managed to secure a place this year for pharmacy - I could not have achieved this without her support.

by Rio, Bristol Cathedral on Tutors-in-Bristol

I started having tutor sessions with Zara during Year 13, I had got a C in my AS AQA biology, I was really struggling with confidence and with 'How science works' questions. Zara was very helpful, she gave me lots of questions and essay practice to do outside the sessions and helped me with particular topics and things I was finding difficult to get my head around during the sessions. Thanks to Zara I achieved a B overall grade for my Alevel Biology and am really thankful for the time she put in with me.

by Zunera, St Mary Redcliffe on Tutors-in-Bristol

I was really struggling with A level Chemistry at the beginning of AS. I felt as if I did not understand anything in lesson and my predicted grade was not what I hoped to achieve. Towards the end of AS I starting tutoring in OCR B chemistry with Zara for my second AS exam. Zara helped me with the hardest exam in which I achieved an A, in the exam which Zara did not tutor me in I achieved a C! With this difference I immediately knew I needed Zaras help for the second year of my A levels too. Zaras support and homework really helped me understand what the examiner would be looking for in the exam which, increased my confidence for the exam as well. Zara also aided me in my A2 coursework guiding me and helping me identify any mistakes. Without Zara I would have NEVER have achieved the A* I did in my coursework! Zara is also such an easy going and lovely person to work with, who really understands what she is teaching! Would definitely recommend!!

by Marianne, Cotham post16 on Tutors-in-Bristol

I would have really struggled in chemistry if it wasn't for Zara, she was incredibly supportive and explained things in a logical way that just made things make sense! She was extremely clear and made concise notes that you could come back to and revise from easily, knowing that you had all the information on a couple sheets of paper. Her knowledge was incredible and she'd have an immediate answer to any question and I was always shocked how much we covered in one session and how my understanding of the content increased! Aswell as all this she was lovely and friendly and I enjoyed going round each week!

by Vikki on Tutors-in-Bristol

After receiving a low grade in AS chemistry, I was taught the A2 syllabus by Zara. Her method of teaching makes the content much more understandable and enjoyable, and without her help I would have no chance of getting a good grade in the subject. Thank you for your help in developing my understanding and regaining my confidence!

by Natasha, Winterbourne Academy on Tutors-in-Bristol

I was taught A2 chemistry by Zara after getting a low grade at AS. She really brought out my confidence and her knowledge on the subject is inspiring. Without her lessons I wouldn't have even had a chance on getting my target grade, and not only is she an amazing tutor, she is always approachable outside of lessons to help with any questions. Zara's focus on exam questions practice made the actual exam a lot less scary and I highly recommend her to anyone!

by Alice, independent student on Tutors-in-Bristol

I was taught the entire A-level biology syllabus by Zara as I had not done it when at sixth form. Her in depth knowledge of the syllabus and exam technique is invaluable! Her tutoring, and her personal statement know-how is definitely the reason I am now on a science foundation course. Having a tutor who has actually worked as part of a top university's admission process is a brilliant advantage. Would wholly recommend.

by Sally, St Mary Redcliffe on Tutors-in-Bristol

Zara filled in the gaps in my knowledge that I had in Biology after having had the lessons at school. She has a excellent grasp of the specific specifications and the exam technique which is crucial to get a good grade. The extra tutoring I received made be come to love biology as Zara often went beyond the course when I wanted to know more. Zara gives clear explanations and prepares well for lessons so that time is not wasted. She is friendly and nonjudgmental creating a comfortable environment to learn. I got an A* in Biology for A-level, I definitely could not have done it without Zara!

by Katie Purchase, Chew Valley school, sixth form on Tutors-in-Bristol

Zara took me from being a very unconfident student in chemistry, to being able to achieve higher than I thought I would! She really understands your weaknesses and explains everything so well! I never felt silly if I had to ask more than once on how to overcome a problem as she is very welcoming and helpful! Would strongly recommend her to anyone!

by Jo Avis and Hannah, sixth form on Tutors-in-Bristol

I contacted Zara when my daughter needed help to ensure she got the A level grades in chemistry and biology required for her university offer. She had lost confidence and fallen behind and performed poorly in her mock exams. Zara was not only highly knowledgeable and a clear and inspiring tutor, but she brought fun to the lessons and made learning (and catching up) a pleasure not a chore. My daughter’s confidence grew, her grades improved and she has her place at University this September – she could not have done it without Zara and we would have no hesitation in recommending her to others. Another time I would start with her earlier and avoid the falling behind in the first place – as with her support the material covered in the final weeks was a breeze!Thank you for everythingBest wishesJo and Hannahxx

by Anonymous on Tutors-in-Bristol

My son was struggling at the beginning of his A2 in Chemistry. He had received a disappointing grade at As, and was very reluctant to have a tutor. Zara suggested that rather than one to one tutoring, she could email questions on set topics on a weekly basis, and mark them with constructive criticism. He felt more comfortable with this and soon got into a routine. It helped him focus on his weaker points and with Zara’s help he achieved an A at A2. My This meant he secured a place to read Chemical Engineering at the University of Birmingham. Thank you Zara

by Anonymous on Tutors-in-Bristol

My AS results were meeting my targets in all subjects. However, during the seond year of A-Levels, all of my results in tests within class and mocks were E's and U's. I was struggling a lot with Chemistry and Biology. One of my friends had found Zara and had recommended her to me as she was helping her a lot!! So I got into contact with her and I am so thankful that i did because i would not have passed this year and got my place in univeristy without Zara! She was so so helpful and very clear about the subjects i needed help on, and the way she explained it all to me just made complete sense! Zara was an extremely helpful and useful tutor and I highly recommend her to anyone in need of help with Biology or Chemistry as she was able to help me get back up to my target grades for my final A-Level results. Thank you ZARA!!!

by Anonymous on Tutors-in-Bristol

My grades for my AS level biology and Chemistry were lower than had been predicted. I had been struggling to understand my A2 level Biology and Chemistry at school, the subject tutors explained things to the class as a whole, but when it came to working on my own I really struggled to make sense of it. As a result, my dad looked into one to one private tutoring in these subjects and came across Zara. He briefly explained the problem I was having, and Zara agreed to tutor me. We managed to sort out a mutually convenient day and time, and since January 2014 I have been seeing her once a week. During my time with her, she goes over some of the things we do in school, but also takes me through some of the bits I am struggling with. I usually email her what I want to go over on the Sunday before our Monday session. She is really able to clarify everything for me and explain it in a way I understand, and do not forget the minute I walk out of the room. She also runs some sessions in the school holidays, and has gone over past papers with me. She is very easy to get on with, and made me feel comfortable with her right away. I would not be in a position to carry on studying these subjects if it was not for her help and guidance, she has really made all the difference. I have just received my latest results from the retakes I had to do and am pleased to say that I have gone from U grade to B grade. Thank you Zara!

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