Q. Can I turn my A-levels around?
Yes, you can – but you must start EARLY. Don’t wait till two weeks before the exam to decide that you need help! The key is to plan re-takes strategically – if you don’t understand the relationship between UMS and raw marks, ask your teacher or tutor for help.
Don’t aim for multiple re-takes in the same session – the A2 units are often harder than the AS and you might find yourself in a situation where you end up getting low marks across the board. Try to do well in your coursework – this gives a boost to your overall grades, especially if you are a few marks away from the higher grade. Also remember that the Unit 2 modules of each year often have more weighting than the Unit 1 modules.
Don’t feel shy or embarrassed about getting back your exam scripts and discussing what went wrong with your teacher or tutor – we all learn from our mistakes. If you don’t look over your past papers and see where you lost marks, the chances are that you might repeat the same mistakes again in the next exam and wonder why your grades haven’t improved.
Finally, familiarise yourself with the mark scheme for your exam board, and try to understand what ‘keywords’ the examiner is looking for. Papers are marked online, and often the examiner will scan the paper as they are marking it, looking for potential keywords.

Thank you for helping me understand Chemistry a bit better. I really appreciate your help!

Lauren, Gordano August 18, 2017


Q. What subjects do you cover?

I cover all subjects upto GCSE level. I cover Sciences at AS and A level. I can hold intensive lessons if needed. I have previous experience in working with special needs children.

Q. Which exam boards do you cover?

I cover all the common exam boards – Edexcel, AQA, OCR, Salters-Nuffield, WJEC & IB (International Baccalaureate). Please visit the Subjects page for further information.

Q. How much does it cost?

Please visit the Payment page for further details. All charges are upfront and there are no hidden extras.
Q. Cancellation policy
I require a 24 h notice for cancelled lessons, otherwise you are responsible for paying the full cost of the missed lesson. I reserve the right to cancel the tuition due to repeated cancellation or non-payment of tuition fees.

Q. How do I pay for the tution?

I prefer payment by cash either in advance or at the beginning of the tutorial. I do not prefer payment by cheque because this incurs additional bank charges which I do not want to pass on to the tutees.  You have the option of paying for online tuition via Paypal. Please visit the Payment page for futher details

Q. Do you cater for distance learning?

Yes, I have access to Skype and can tailor the lesson to suit your needs.

Q. How do I book a tuition slot?

You can book your next lesson either in advance for a fixed time every week or at the end of the current lesson. .

Q. Which areas do you cater for?

I am a home tutor based in Clifton, Bristol in a very central location.You are welcome as long as you are willing to travel to me. Tuition slots start from 2:00 pm on most days, some morning and weekend slots are also available.

Q. Can I book a trial lesson?

I welcome one-time trial lessons with no further commitment – these are charged at the same rate as a normal tuition session.  Please do not use trial lessons as a substitute for one-time urgent help with homework or assignments. Trial lessons are designed to help you understand my teaching style and are might not address specific problems due to time constraints.

Q. Can I book a one-off lesson to help with my homework?

I welcome trial lessons with no further commitment. However, students show marked improvement after 2-3 regular sessions. The best results are obtained from students who work with me for the entire term or year, as we are able to set realistic and achievable goals. Please do not book trial lessons if you need one-time or urgent help with homework, trial lessons are designed to help you understand my teaching style and will not address specific subject areas.
Q. I didn’t achieve the grades to meet my conditional or insurance offer – now what do I do?
Don’t panic and don’t despair. If you didn’t achieve the grades required for your University offer, you will be registered for Clearing by UCAS track, where you now have the option of choosing a different University or a different course. Clearing is stressful at the best of times – don’t leave Clearing decisions till the day of the results (where you will often have only 24-48 h to make a decision on a new University. Always have a Plan B ready – research the Universities that might fit your criteria just in case you are unable to make the grades for your UF or CF offer.
On the day of the results, get a copy of the newspaper where UCAS will publish all the clearing spaces available (this year it was the Telegraph). Clearing spaces were also advertised online by the Telegraph this year. Details of all the available clearing spaces are only available on the day of the results, so you MUST purchase a copy of the paper on results day.
As soon as you are sure of not meeting your conditional or insurance offer, start calling the Universities on your plan B list that offer clearing spaces (Its also OK to call Universities that are on your list but have not advertised for clearing – but be prepared for an immediate rejection). You will have till 5 pm of results day, when track opens for clearing, to enter your clearing choice – use this time wisely, and call up as many Universities as you want to. Make sure to clarify how long the offer will remain open when you are made a verbal offer.

If you really don’t like any of the courses available to you this year, or would like to re-sit exams to obtain a better grade, then there is nothing wrong in withdrawing from the UCAS system and taking a gap year. A gap year can widen your horizons if you use it well, and you can gain some valuable work and volunteer experience that, in addition to enriching your life experience, will look good on your personal statement for the following year.